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Integrative & Humanistic Psychological Counselling

I offer  a warm and non-judgemental space for you to explore your needs, and understand your self and relationships with others and the world.  My focus is on the therapeutic relationship; working on this, we can co-create the conditions that will contribute to the strengthening of your sense of self, and finding more satisfaction in your connections with others. I am mindful of the contexts and systems we all live in. In this process, I believe that everyone has their unique rhythm and pace, which I am commited to follow and respect at all times. My practice is trauma-informed and diversity affirmative. 

Fee: 75 euros/50 min


Online sessions

Online sessions can be convenient for our busy lives and there is evidence that they have immense benefits for our mental health. However, online sessions are not recommended when the person feels in high distress or they feel suicidal.  I aim to explore these issues with you in our first 2 sessions. In these cases a referral might be made to another professional and a face-to-face treatment is highly recommended.

Fee: 65 euros/50 min.


Experiential groups

Groups can be a great space for understanding better ourselves and others. We are social beings; we are born and live in groups. In this setting, I  facilitate the sessions respecting the group's organic, unique flow. I conduct the groups in person-centred fashion. In the first 1-2 sessions we agree on our boundaries and we discuss what the purpose of the group is depending on the needs of its members. The experiential groups require a minimum of 4 participants.  

160 euros/ 1h (4 people)

200 euros/1h (6 people)

Concession fees available*

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